Geoff and Rita's
1995 Summer Vacation

For our summer vacation we went to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in northeastern Utah, where we met up with Geoff's family who had come from Oregon. On our way to Utah we stopped at Dinosaur National Monument which is on the Colorado/Utah border. After our week in Utah everybody came back to our place so we could show Geoff's sister and brother-in-law around, since this was their first trip to Colorado.

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The eastern portion of Dinosaur National Monument contains some terrific views of the Yampa River basin.

Geoff gets his picture taken at Iron Springs Bench overlook with the Yampa River basin behind.

View of the Yampa River basin from Echo Park overlook. The Yampa River is the hook shaped, greenish spot in the middle of the picture.

This is a view of Split Rock as seen approaching the quary area of the monument. Split Rock is where the Green River exits the mountains and the dinosaur bones were deposited.

These are some of the petroglyphs that have been found near the quary area.

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