Geoff and Rita's
1995 Summer Vacation

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Rita standing next to the Green River as it emerges from Split Rock. In our opinion the river should be named the Brown River since that was the color it was the day we were there.

This is a view of some of the dinosaur bones inside the quary itself. The quary is still active even though there was no activity the day we were there. To give you a size perspective, the width of the area you see in this picture is about 40 feet (12 meters).

Rita standing in front of a Stegasouras replica.

Finally! We made it to the resevoir. Time to play in the water!

THE flaming gorge! The far rock wall towards the upper left of the picture is where the Flaming Gorge gets its name. This is our attempt at making a panoramic shot from a standard 35mm camera. Well, I think you get the idea.

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