Geoff and Rita's
1995 Fall Weekend Getaway

On September 30th, 1995 we made a three-day weekend trip to Durango in southwest Colorado. Colorado, and other rocky mountain states, are famous for their golden aspen trees in the fall, so we decided to make a long weekend trip and see if we could find any. The color that year wasn't that great, but the trip to Durango and the ride on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Train were wonderful.

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"I thought it was still fall!?" Actually, fall just officially started about a week before this picture was taken, but six inches of fresh snow had fallen on Monarch Pass the day before we passed through.

Not to much farther down from Monarch Pass it was nice enough to have a picnic lunch next to Blue Mesa Resevoir in Curecante National Recreation Area with a view of the Dillon Pinnacles in the background.

This is a view you get when you drive south on highway 550 from Montrose, CO to Ouray (you-RAY), CO. Mount Abrams (pictured) is just past Ouray.

This is a picture of Box Canyon Falls located in Ouray, CO. Box Canyon Falls is hard to describe, even harder to photograph, but very unique to visit!

This is a picture of Ouray, CO nestled in a little valley. The Ouray area has been called the Switzerland of America because of its resemblence to that part of the world. This is two regular 35mm pictures put together to make the panoramic view. The right picture was the last of the roll, that's why the overexposed line is there.

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