My Life History
(Reader's Digest condensed version)

The Early Years Well, to start at the very beginning, I was born in 1962 in Bangor, ME while my dad was doing his active duty in the Air Force. After a few short months of life in Maine we moved to Seattle, WA then to Whitmore Lake, MI then back to Seattle and then finally to Beaverton, OR where I claim to have "grown up" (all this moving was in the first six years of my life).

Cedar Hills Skycam This is a "live" view of the Cedar Hills area of Beaverton. The camera is about one mile from the house where I grew up and is provided by KGW channel 8 TV.

The Formal Education Years SHS Logo OSU Logo After attending Barnes and Sunset Valley grade schools and Meadow Park Junior High school, I graduated from Sunset High school in Beaverton, OR in 1980. I went to college at Oregon State University and graduated in December of 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

The Wandering Years Nav Logo After my graduation (I didn't go through ceremonies, and to this day I regret that I didn't - but that's another story), I, like a good number of graduates, floundered for a couple of years before I moved to Colorado Springs, CO in August of 1986. I moved to Colorado to be involved in The Navigators Leadership Development Institute work/study program at Glen Eyrie (the world headquarters of The Navigators). For two years I worked, took classes, ate, and slept at Glen Eyrie. The classes were Bible and character development in nature and the work was at the conference center part of Glen Eyrie. The eat and sleep parts were, well, you know, eating and sleeping (I excelled in these). It was during my time at Glen Eyrie that I met and got to know Rita, my wife-to-be (also known as Our Story).

The Informal Education Years GE Logo Rita and I got married in August of 1988 after our two-year commitment to The Navigators was up. After the wedding and honeymoon were over, the reality of getting a job to support us became all too real. I looked for eight-and-a-half months before deciding to be re-hired by The Navigators into a full-time position at Glen Eyrie as Reception Center Supervisor (the front gate to the conference center grounds). As well as the non-technical responsibilities of the job, I was designated as the conference center's PC computer support person. I'll have to admit that I probably enjoyed (ok, I did enjoy) this part of the job more than the RC supervisor responsibilities.

It was the freedom of doing the PC support, as well as being able to learn at will, that got me hooked on computers. My computer exposure prior to moving to Colorado consisted of a couple of courses in college that used computers to do problem solving. But, by this time, I had learned enough that I went from barely being able to create a name and address database in dBase III+ to taking that knowledge and programming a complete conference registration system that Glen Eyrie still uses to some extent this day, as well as selling a copy of the program to a US military chaplain in Germany.

Beginning The Professional Years Telos Logo It was this self learned skill that caught the attention of a man in our church who managed the local branch office of a nation-wide computer consulting firm - Telos Consulting Services. I started at Telos in September of 1991 working on a local real estate firm's database conversion project writing reports in Paradox. Five weeks later, Rita and I were asked if we wanted to go on a six-month assignment to Gulfport, MS to work with SAIC and IBM people programming the Air Force's Advanced Training System (ATS). We thought about it, said yes, and reported for work on the 21st of October, two weeks after we first heard about the opportunity.

The Traveling Year ATS Logo My part of the project was to sling Ada code for the Evaluation CSCI along with two other people. Having only taken one introductory course in Ada made me feel a little behind the eight ball as far as doing my part for the project, therefore, the first couple of months were not real enjoyable for me. But I did learn what I needed to know over the course of our nine month stay (we were asked and aggreed to a three month extension - we declined a second extension). When we left, I had become the second lead on the CSCI (which now had five people) and in charge of CSC to CSC integrity within the CSCI - a position and responsibility I really enjoyed. Don't you just love all these DoD (Department of Defense) acronyms!

The Transition Year and Beyond MRC Logo After our return to Colorado Springs, I worked on a radar trainer in Ada for the Air Force, but after that, the work slowed down and basically dried up. So, on May 17th 1993, I joined Mission Research Corporation where I still work today. Since starting work at MRC, I have worked on satellite channel simulators, dynamic infared scene projectors, document imaging programming in Plexus 4GL, network installation and administration, internet connections via modems and ISDN lines, Unix administration, e-mail setup, web server setup and administration, and PC support (Win3.1, Win95 & WinNT - I'm a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist in NT 3.51 - big wow).

Two of my Plexus 4GL programming jobs are being used in the Governor's Office of the State of Oregon. One is used to track public opinion on various topics. The other is a system to track the 2000+ people that are on the various boards and commissions for the state. Another program I wrote is being used by the State of Colorado Department of Corrections to track the inmates who come through the system.

Well, if you've read all the way to this point, I'm sure your thoroughly bored, so I'll stop here!

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