Geoff and Rita's Christmas picture
Christmas 96

Seasons Greetings To All

We hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful season and is able to enjoy it with family and friends.

The holiday season of ‘95 was a very busy one, as we traveled at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We were able to spend that Thanksgiving in Southern California with many of Geoff’s Mom’s side of the family, including Geoff’s grandparents. It was a very enjoyable time, but it didn’t leave us much time to get things done before Christmas, including our (usually) annual Christmas letter. So, we didn’t forget you last year, and will try to get you caught up on what we have been up to.

We continue to work on projects both inside and outside our home. Geoff is very talented when it comes to handyman-type jobs (no Tim Taylor here!). Rita decided she really enjoys gardening and we seem to be figuring out some of the secrets of getting things to grow in the Colorado climate. The house looks a little more like a home than we described in our ‘94 Christmas letter, but there is still a lot we can do to it (isn’t there always).

Geoff still works at Mission Research Corporation doing some Visual Basic and Plexus 4GL programming along with his hardware/software setup, network/Internet administration, and general troubleshooting tasks. In May and June of 1995, he took a couple of business trips to Oregon to install two programs he wrote for the Oregon Governor’s Office. Kind of ironic that even though he grew up in Oregon, it wasn’t until he moved to Colorado that he finally got inside the Oregon Capital building. All this work keeps him rather busy, but for those efforts, he was just singled out for outstanding performance in his division for 1996.

In spite of (and partly because of) all the work, he has managed to find some time to dabble in Web page design. If you have an Internet connection and a web browser, you can see some of his work by visiting our own World Wide Web home page at: We have some information about ourselves and what we’ve been up to as well as some online photo albums and this letter, complete with color versions of the pictures.

Rita has decided to get out of the computer programming business and into something involving a little bit more creativity. From February of ‘95 until last April, she volunteered in the art department at Focus on the Family to get exposed to some more artistic careers, but ended up doing computer programming anyway. She wrote a Microsoft Access program for the Creative Services department, which they are getting a lot of use out of.

Rita's drawing Another way Rita has exposed herself to the creative world is by taking three art classes - watercolor, drawing, and mixed media. You can see more of her artwork on our home page. She also meets weekly with a good friend for crafts and fellowship. Finally, she has also just started her own graphic arts publishing business, and already has two clients.

Trip picture colage
We continue to find time to travel to visit family and friends, as well as entertaining those who visit our place. This last summer we got the chance to do the former, as well as some sightseeing in the Pacific Northwest. In a little under two weeks, we spent time in Seattle, Portland, and Victoria B.C., and saw a rainforest, mountains, the ocean, and a volcano as well as many good friends and Geoff’s family.

One sad note from the last two years is that Geoff’s paternal grandmother past away in February of 1995. She was a sweet, wonderful lady and was very special to us. She has been, and will be, sorely missed by us.

We still attend Fellowship Bible Church, as we have for the past nine years. We have seen lots of changes during that time, but, the biggest change, by far, happened just before Christmas last year when the church finally moved into its own building. Geoff no longer needed to get to church at 6:30 am to help set up or run the light system, so he decided to switch over to running the sound system. He is one of four lead sound engineers, and generally does sound once a month, but thoroughly looks forward to doing it. Up until this summer, Rita had been very active in the church, but she is now taking a break to recuperate and to sort out where God really wants her to serve. She still attends her Bible Study with other women, and we both are currently studying the book of Daniel in a bi-weekly study with two other couples that we know from church.

Our health continues to be good, except for slight hypoglycemia for Rita, which she controls by her diet. She is getting very adept at modifying recipes to make them healthier.

Well, that’s the news (and “olds”) from our home front. Many blessings to you and yours!

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